Welcome to My Online Teaching Portfolio

Recycled-Circuit-Board-Pencil-Holder-It is fitting that my teaching portfolio is submitted online because, as you will from perusing the content on this site, I position myself as being a digital educator. This means that not only do I consistently integrate digital writing tools into my face-to-face classes but, and more predominantly, much of my teaching takes place in an online setting, where technology is not used to complement an existing curriculum but rather as the primary conduit through which education takes place.

You will find that most of my portfolio reflects my practice as an online educator “here” at USF’s Department of English. My philosophies, practices, and examples are all anchored to my firm belief in the viability and value of online education. During my years of teaching online at USF, and working with students who have been serving in Afghanistan, at home with children, or working two jobs, I have taken pride — and still do — in my efforts to facilitate a genuinely educative experience for students in a variety of different milieux. Online education is not about efficiency or replicating what would take place in a face-to-face classroom; it is about taking advantage of the technological affordances granted to educators and creating productive, online spaces that allow all students regardless of situation to gain the skills necessary for personal and professional success.

As for myself, I am currently a doctoral candidate in rhetoric and composition (English) working on my dissertation. My project offers a new way of approaching the rhetoric of disaster, using as my example the Deepwater Horizon events of 2010.